Kyrahh Attar Rollon Combo (Pack of 5)
Kyrahh Attar Rollon Combo (Pack of 5)
Kyrahh Attar Rollon Combo (Pack of 5)
Kyrahh Attar Rollon Combo (Pack of 5)
Kyrahh Attar Rollon Combo (Pack of 5)

Kyrahh Attar Rollon Combo (Pack of 5)

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Natural, alcohol-free, world-class fragrances at a reasonable rate.

At Kyrahh we source all the ingredients required to make a high-quality EDP roll-on at a very affordable price for YOU. A very different, unique, and affordable alternative to expensive perfumes.

It is a non-alcoholic perfume oil, which contributes to the long-lasting effects of its scent when applied. The roll-on mechanism allows it to be applied quickly and discretely. The rollerball prevents the perfume from leaking so it can be carried around while traveling, such as in the handbag. Is a unisex perfume, especially for those who prefer to wear attractive scents. 

Kyrahh Attars are a blend of an excellent natural solution to reduce anxiety and to uplift and relax. When inhaled, it invigorates and provides uplifting and stabilizing effects on emotions and calms both mind and body naturally. It acts as a natural aromatherapy treatment without medication.

Kyrahh Attars inspire rational and logical thinking when dealing with adverse circumstances. It may help bring someone back to earth, and help them feel more connected and grounded.

Kyrahh Attar Combo Comprises of:

🍶Iceberg (10ml) has a refreshing icy cool fragrance that gives you long-lasting freshness and confidence. It completely resembles a cool water shower. This amazing feeling is what we need to keep us involved in our activities. It will always give you activeness which we generally need to make our day happening. Say bye-bye to the tiredness caused by the work because with this cool fragrance you have no home for it.

🍶Blue Star is built on a fougere base, strengthened by lavender and coumarin, and modernized by heavy use of floral transparent notes. It forms a bouquet, which combines aquatic tones, fruity accents, and sandalwood notes. This blend gives the fragrance a modern twist, which is a non-citrus freshness that is both mild and clean and remains on the apparel. 

🍶Sultan is the king's choice - for a powerful personality. It is an excellent blend of rich notes, the name of this powerful famous aroma 'sultan' itself suggests that it is made for the emperor. Sultan is for those who live life king size. The aroma casts its strength in its woody & spicy blend of cedar, juniper, cardamom, bergamot, cinnamon, sandalwood, musk & vanilla. The blend itself speaks for the power of this aroma and what it can do when you wear it.

🍶Dark Temptation Treats you to some chocolate goodness. Sweet, rich, spicy and dark – the aromas of chocolate are irresistible. With notes of Amber and Peppercorn added to a smooth chocolate-scented base, the Dark Temptation roll-on gives you a taste of the pleasures that chocolate holds. With scents that range from smooth to exotic to fresh, get the best ever wingman there is with the Dark Temptation Attar. 

🍶Ethena opens with the notes of apple, orange blossoms, fresh bergamot and sparkling lemon. An enchanting, creamy and intriguing fragrance, It stands for that confident individual. The heart brings notes of musk, floral, bergamot. Heart Notes: Jasmine, ylang-ylang and amber. Base Notes: Indian sandalwood, cedar, benzoin, musk and oud.

Why you need Kyrahh Attar Combo (Pack of 5):

Natural Skin Friendly Kyrahh Attar Rollon are a new way of wearing perfumes that are skin-friendly & alcohol-free, they can be applied upon the skin for a long-lasting aroma, made with special blends of Natural Essential oils, Carrier oils & Natural Aromatic compounds to give a long-lasting fragrance.

A Special Gift Pack of 5 Natural Attars available in 3 different sizes provides healing benefits of aromatherapy as well.

Versatile Natural Skin-friendly, Alcohol-Free Long-Lasting body perfumes that can be applied anywhere on skin & pulse points as these are made with natural ingredients with no synthetic or chemical compounds. 

Fragrance Types: 5 Unique Fragrances in an even mix of floral, woody, spicy, divine, earthy note fragrances for men & women.

A Compact Easy to Carry, Travel-Friendly Pocket Size Body Rollon. No risk of a mess as rollerball prevents the perfume from leaking so it can be carried around while traveling, such as in the handbag.